“Our fear of death seems to me to be an error of evolution.”

In a slight tangent from explaining his theory on the emergence of time in his book The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli writes:

“Our fear of death seems to me to be an error of evolution. Many animals react instinctively with terror and flight at the approach of a predator. It is a healthy reaction, one which allows them to escape from danger. But it’s a terror that lasts an instant, not something that remains with them constantly. Natural selection has produced these big apes with hypertrophic frontal lobes, with an exaggerated ability to predict the future. It’s a prerogative that’s certainly useful but one that has placed before us a vision of our inevitable death, and this triggers the instinct of terror and flight.”

The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli. Pages 177–178.

I thought “an error of evolution” was an elegant way to describe it.