You've Just Been Fucked By Psyops (2023)

Trevor Paglen @ Chaos Communication Congress '23

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An entertaining talk on the discovery of psychological manipulation and its implications specifically regarding mass media.

My favourite extract:

When you begin to realise that your perceptions betray you, and that other people have figured out how to weaponise your perceptions against you, the kind of fragile truce that your perceptual apparatus has with the world out there gets broken.

Trevor Paglen, You've Just Been Fucked By Psyops. 39:24.

I think most people closely involved with technology feel this to some degree. Trust is a horse that bolted long ago on the internet, but there is a more sinister and intentional feeling to the information put in front of us daily now.

Still, itโ€™s comforting to be reminded that itโ€™s only going to get worse from here.